Pedernales River Alliance Watchlist

The number of developments in Gillespie County is growing rapidly.  There are a staggering 7,588 new lots/units proposed or under construction, according to the Gillespie County Economic Development Commission. Here are a few of those developments.

Arch Ray

Arch Ray is on 290E and currently appears to be a very large facility. We have heard this development will have 244 lots at 1/10th of an acre each. These lots will be sold on the “condo” concept, kind of like a time share. They have submitted a request for a permit to discharge 35,000 gallons of wastewater into the Pedernales River. Read the latest updates on the Arch Ray request to dump 35,000 gallons of effluent into the river…

If you would like to submit public comments to TCEQ, click here and enter the wastewater permit application number, WQ0005452000.

Village – Fredericksburg

This property is owned by Village at Grape Creek, LLC, and consists of two tracts of land. Property ID 185873 and Property ID 186275 lie just north of Lazo Ranch. This development has a long strip of land which extends to Hwy 290E allowing them visible highway frontage and an entrance on the highway.  The number of lots in this development has been increased to 185 lots @ 1/10 of an acre each sold on the condo concept. This development’s claim to fame is that they have filed for a permit that would allow them to dump 20,000 to 50,000 gallons of treated effluent into a dry creek that flows into the Pedernales River. 

A Public Meeting was held on Jun 13, 2024, where a large number of concerned citizens of Gillespie County gathered to voice comments, concerns and questions about the permit to pollute. It was clear that no citizens present in the room were…
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The Sycamore

LB Development broke ground on the The Sycamore, a new mixed-use lifestyle center. a 117-acre development, located on Luckenbach Road and Highway 290E. All vegetation was scraped from the earth and it appears a retention pond is being built, a large one. We cannot help but wonder how this will affect the adjacent peach orchards. This development will include a Salt Lick BBQ restaurant.
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Lazo Ranch

Lazo Ranch, just south of The Village of Grape Creek is owned by Blue Mesa Fredericksburg LP (Limited Partnership). It is located at 548 Jenschke Lane,  Property ID 1519 72.2 acres and ID 33856 .54 acres. The Ranch will be subdivided into 7 tracts as far as we know…
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